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Help with AutoDiary

Table of Contents

Quick Setup, Overview
Vehicle Setup
Service Records
Cost of Service
FutureCast Predictions of Service Due
Create/Edit Service Categories
Email Alerts
Diary Settings

Quick Setup, Overview

Diary Help

In order to use AutoDiary, you first need to create an account. Then enter your vehicle information into your personal diary. Finally, you need to enter Service Records and Costs into your diary. AutoDiary will then send Email alerts when a Service Category is due. You may also run FutureCast at any time to check what services are due and when they are due.

Vehicle totals will initially be zero, no Service Records will yet exist. AutoDiary needs Service Records and expenses in your diary so your average mileage can be computed and predictions of service due dates can be made. To keep your diary predictions accurate, enter a new Service Record every time you have your vehicle services.
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Setting up a Vehicle

Your diary will initially be empty. To set up your vehicle information, login and go to your diary by selecting myDiary from the main menu. Then select the Add a Vehicle tab from the myDiary page (The same page is also available from the Diary Settings Page).

The New Vehicle page will prompt you for the Make, Model, Year purchased, etc. of the vehicle. The Display Name is a label that you use to identify your individual vehicles.   For example: If you have two Corvettes, you may want to label one as 'Dream Vette' and the second as 'Nightmare Vette'.

Going back to the myDiary page, you will now see the vehicle name and the vehicle totals, of course the totals and averages will be zero at this point. After all there is no information yet entered into your diary. So Service Records need to be entered into your diary.
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Creating Service Records

Now that your diary contains a vehicle, you need to enter Service Records for that vehicle. Remember, the more you keep your Service Records up to date, the more accurate the predictions from AutoDiary.

To create Service Records, select the Add Service Record tab from the myDiary page. From the Service Record Input page, you'll be prompted for the Date of service, Mileage, Service Category etc. Choose a Service Category from the list of available categories. Enter the Date and Mileage, and optionally enter the Invoice Number and any notes into the Memo that a mechanic or service facility may have noted. AutoDiary will store your Service Record in your diary and then prompt you to input the Cost of Service.

With AutoDiary, you may create your own Service Categories by selecting the Create New Service Category tab. Further, you can modify any Service Category (to change to service intervals or description) by selecting the Edit Service Category tab.
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Cost of Service

After entering a Service Record, AutoDiary will prompt you for the expenses of that Service Record. The Service Cost Input page will prompt you for various expenses. Enter the Total Cost of service. Optionally, you may break down individual cost by Labor, Parts, Taxes, and Fees. Enter as much detail as you would like to track. If you don't care to track expenses, enter 0 as the Total Cost.

AutoDiary will save the expense record and report a prediction for the next time that Service Category is due.
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FutureCast Predictions of Due Service

To see what services are due, select the FutureCast page from the main menu. Enter the Future Date that you would like to see predictions for services due. You can enter the current date, or a date in the future. AutoDiary will compute the predictions of Service Categories due and display the results, arranged by due date. Service Categories that are past due will be marked with an asterisks.

AutoDiary makes the predictions of service due by reading your diary, looking for the last date and mileage each Service Category was performed. If no entry was found, it uses the Purchase Date of the vehicle. AutoDiary uses the service intervals for each category, and your unique mileage habits to predict the next due date.

AutoDiary will avoid redundant predictions by looking only for the most recent due date. So, for example, if it predicts that the Service Category for 'Rotate Tires' is due several times between the last time of service and the Future Date, it keeps recomputing the next due date until the Future Date is achieved. It will then report only the latest due date.
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Create and Edit Service Categories

From the Service Record Input page, two tabs are available to Create a Service Category and to Edit an existing Service Category (The same two pages are also available from the Diary Settings Page).

To Create a new Service Category select the Create New Service Category tab. To Edit an existing Service Category select the Edit Service Category tab. If you are entering a new Service Category, enter the Category Name in the text box. If you are editing an existing Service Category, select a category from the list of available categories.

Then enter a detailed description for the Category, and the service interval for both Months and Mileage. If you wold like the Service Category to be tracked by one interval exclusively, then enter a zero for the other interval. One must be non-zero.

For example, if you like to predict the Service Category 'Oil Change' by number of miles exclusively (and not by number of months) then enter a zero for Service Interval Months.

Finally in the Alarm Lead Days box, enter how many days in advance of the due date you would like to be reminded of the service. This is the day that an email alert will be sent to you by AutoDiary.
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Email Alerts

AutoDiary will check your diary every night and run computations to determine what Service Categories are due. This computation is similar to how FutureCast computes due dates. After performing the computations, AutoDiary will send out Alerts via email to inform you that a Service Category is due. The Alert is sent twice, once at the Alarm Lead Days prior to the due date, and a second time on the due date.

It is your personal choice to act on the Alert. You may service your vehicle when receiving an alert, or you may ignore the alert. After servicing your vehicle, remember to log into your diary and enter a new Service Record. If you decide that the Service Interval which the Alert is based upon is not to your liking, then you may change the Service Interval in your diary to an interval of your choosing.
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Diary Settings

The Diary Settings Page is available to perform various configuration tasks on your diary. Under the Account Heading there are options to change your login ID and passwords.

Under the Vehicle Heading there are options to choose which one of the vehicles in your diary is the Active Vehicle. There are also options to edit your vehicle information as well an option to add a new vehicle to your diary.

Under the Diary Heading are options to edit your automotive Service Categories or add a new Service Category of your choosing.
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