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About AutoDiary

Due for Service AutoDiary, from silentG Creations, is a diary of your automobile service records. It is designed to help you Track and Predict your automobile maintenance and costs.

There are Three Main Features of AutoDiary and the combination of these three features is what separates AutoDiary. AutoDiary allows you to Record Service Records as you would into a journal, a diary. AutoDiary allows you to receive Alerts when a Service Item is due, Automatically. And Finally AutoDiary allows you to see Costs of Services.

AutoDiary has the ability to predict future scheduled maintenance and inform you of the due service. It does this based on your driving habits as entered into your unique Service Records. This is different than a passive database that is just a repository of past service items because they can not inform you that a service item is due. It is also different than the generic schedule that the dealer uses because AutoDiary predictions are based on your driving habits, not a generic scheduler.

So you may wonder what is so great about the ability to inform you of a scheduled maintenance item, if you have to login and check your schedule? Ahhh, with AutoDiary you do Not have to login. An email alert is sent to you to inform you of a scheduled maintenance item.

So what if you do Not like the schedule intervals that AutoDiary uses to predict service items? With AutoDiary, you can modify Service Categories to use any service interval you like. It uses the lesser of Months until Service, and Miles until Service when making predictions. You can even add your own Service Categories to track whatever categories you prefer.

But it doesn't end with automobiles. Any motorized vehicle can be Tracked and Predicted using AutoDiary. Motorcycles, Boats, Airplanes, you name it. It can be entered into your Diary and Tracked / Predicted.

And because AutoDiary is a diary, you can go back and review your Service Entries. Review how much that last brake repair cost you, who performed the service, what notes did the mechanic leave for you, how much you paid in taxes and fees. Costs will be totaled and you can see for yourself how much your investment is costing you.

Finally, you can use FutureCast to see what Service Categories are due. It will check your Diary for the last time that Service Category was performed, use your unique average mileage, and predict the next interval of the Service Category.

Try it today!

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